Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022. Many of you have been waiting to close out another crazy and unpredictable year, but you may also be apprehensive to what the new year will bring. With no way to know what to expect in 2022 and after being conditioned for conflict, pandemic, and many challenges in the past few years, it is beneficial to have a few “tools” In your coping skills bag. Mindfulness is a favorite of mine and it takes different shapes at different times for me. It could be noticing elements in nature on an afternoon walk that helps me to feel closer to and in awe of my creator or it could be the recitation of scriptures or prayers that bring me peace and comfort. I value self-care, especially practical self-care skills that allow me to better manage my time, goals and life’s demands. There are other go to “tools” that I like as well. This year, I suggest creating a coping skills plan to help you be better prepared for things that you may face. What are your go to coping skills? When do you use them and how do they work for you? Ask yourself, “what would I do when…” Just having a coping skills plan may alleviate some of the worry that comes from the unknown future. Best wishes to you on your journey during 2022 from Hope in Healing Family Services, PLLC. 🎊

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